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Welcome to the Siouxland Linux Users Group website!

The Siouxland Linux Users Group was formed to introduce new ideas, information, and to answer questions that others may have about GNU/Linux. GNU/Linux is free software available to you no matter what "computer level" you are on. Plus, its all Open Source. The meetings are free for all to join, from the newbies to the typical computer geek.

To learn more about upcoming meetings and get in touch with our members, please visit the mailing list and the meeting information page.

For more information on what a Linux user group is you can view the Linux user groups Wikipedia article. You can also read the User Group HOWTO.

Latest Posts

Informal Get-Together 2014-12-22

We have an informal thing going on Monday, December 22. Come down to TommyJack's, drink, hang out, spend too much money on their awesome jukebox, meet new people (maybe), meet old people (probably), and talk about computers.

Designing with Blender


In this tutorial, some techniques for manipulating the size and location of objects will be demonstrated in the course of building a bookshelf. It requires no previous knowledge of blender.

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Minutes posted for September 19th 2013 meeting

Minutes for the September 2013 meeting have been posted. Feel free to edit the

next meeting agenda.

New meeting and new location on June 20th 2013

The next meeting will be held at a new location, the Siouxland Libraries Main branch downtown Sioux Falls.

The idea is to have plenty of topics to discuss. If there is interest we can go over these topics in depth.

Some of the ideas that we have so far are:

What we don't get a chance to cover during this meeting can be pushed to the next meeting. You can submit your ideas to the mailing list by sending an email to Please check out the meeting page for more information.

DakotaCon recap

In case you missed the 2012 DakotaCon I have put together some links. If you have anything to contribute please leave it in the comments or email me.

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